Fascicolo 17-18 | 2020

La Presidenza Trump
Bilancio Ed Eredità

This volume is in natural continuity with the previous one (Effetto Trump? Gli Stati Uniti nel sistema internazionale fra continuità e mutamento) in this same series and aims to provide a first reconstruction and interpretation of Donald Trump presidential mandate. A correct and thorough analysis of the substance of Trump’s policies has been hindered by a prevalent focus on his style of government. The introduction explains the methodological criteria followed by the authors and presents the topics discussed. Most chapters deal with foreign policy, some with internal issues. The volume’s general conclusion points out that Trump followed paths that already his predecessors had tread. He did that with a more extremist attitude, depending not just from his personality but also from deep factors which developed in recent times. Considering this second reason, we may guess that Biden will be unable to put aside completely Trump’s heritage.

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