Guidelines for Authors

The author should provide a short bio.

The length of the paper should within 3,000~15,000 words or longer if approved by the editors and the reviewers. Your essay should be typed, double-spaced on standard-sized paper with 3 cm margins on all sides. You should use 12 pt. Garamond font. Your essay should include three major sections: the Title Page, Abstract and Main Body. 

Divide your article into clearly defined sections with subtitles.

Abstract: Please provide an abstract written in italics, 11 pt. Garamond font, of 150 to 300 words. The abstract should not contain any undefined abbreviations or unspecified references.

Present tables and figures within the article must be attached separately. Please note that the article will be published in black and white (print).

The following examples illustrate the notes and bibliography system.


M. de Leonardis, Cold War and national interests. Italy in international politics after World War II, Soveria Mannelli, 2014, p. 14 (or pp. 14-16)

V. Morelli – P. Gallis, NATO in Afghanistan: A Test of Transatlantic Alliance, Washington, DC, 2009

O. A. Westad (ed), Brothers in Arms: The Rise and Fall of the Sino-Soviet Alliance, 1945-1963, Stanford, CA, 1999


J. M. Parent – P.K. MacDonald, The Wisdom of Retrenchment. America Must Cut Back to Move Forward, “Foreign Affairs”, vol. 90 (2011), no. 6, pp. 32-47

Chapter or other part of an edited book

E. Petit, Les crises alimentaires et sanitaires, in C. Blumann – F. Picod (ed), L’Union européenne et les crises, Bruxelles, 2010, pp. 42-70

Newspapers articles

C. Magris, Il nuovo (dissimulato) idillio tedesco, “Corriere della Sera”, 15.9.2003

Shortened notes

de Leonardis, op. cit., p. 72

de Leonardis, Guerra Fredda…, cit., p. 72

Petit, cit., in Blumann – Picod (ed), op. cit.

Submission Preparation Checklist

Before submitting the manuscript, author(s) should check the following list:

(1) The language of the manuscript must be English, Italian, French or Spanish; (2) The submission has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration; (3) The submission file is in Microsoft Word file; (4) Avoid use of phrases like (I, we, our) in the text while express your own opinion, instead use the author, the researcher.